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Celebrating Agriculture Team
TEAM MEMBERS: Joe Adiletta, Heather Allen, Linda Auger, Abbie Cadman, Robin Chesmer, Don Francis, Harold Foskett, Carolyn Huff, Danielle Lefebvre, Joyce Meader, Diane Miller, Avis Norman, Richard Norman, Elenaore Provencal, Norma O'Leary, Bill Masopust, Dawn Pindell, Barbara Rich, Elizabeth Rogers, Samantha St. Jean, Karen Swanberg, Bev Thornton, Rob Viani, Lynn Weaver (Chair), Paul Wilbur
Celebrating Ag Team 2010

The first Celebrating Agriculture Team is pictured above.

Front Row: Founding members: Norma O'Leary, Elizabeth Rogers, Dawn Pindell, Paul Wilbur
Back Row: Lynn Weaver, Chair. Founding members: Sandy Rotival, Bill Masopust, Joe Adiletta, Donald Francis (hiding), Robin Chesmer.
Other team members not pictured here: Linda Auger, Abbie Cadman, Harold Foskett, Carolyn Huff, Avis Norman, Joyce Meader, Diane Miller, Richard Norman, Eleanore Provencal, Barbara Rich, Judy Rondeau, Karen Swanberg, Rob Viani, and Heather Allen

Celebrating Agriculture logo T-shirts will be on sale at the event.

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  • Volunteering: For more information and specific tasks please contact Abigail Cadman, Volunteer Coordinator. Email her at abbie.cadman "at" ct.usda.gov (replace "at" with @) or call her at 860.871.4017. Thank you in advance!

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